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PPE Charities

Relief Operations for Compostela Valley 
Landslide Victims

In 2009 a lot of our international clients helped us raise funds and bring relief to our countrymen who were affected by the devastation caused by typhoon Ondoy. We were able to help feed 60 families and rebuild a small school in Angat, Norzagaray Bulacan.

Once again we appeal to you help us help the people in Compostela Valley.... A town devastated by landslide last December 4, 2012 in the wake of typhoon Pablo.

More than 500 people were confirmed dead while more than 400 are still missing. Over 200,000 people were rendered homeless. by this tragedy. 

PPE is organizing a small fund raising program to help bring food and clothing to the people affected by this tragedy. A lot of our fellow Filipinos in Compostela Valley are now homeless and starving...and Christmas is only a few days away. We hope you can share a little so that we can bring a little Christmas spirit to these people. As little as $5 will feed one family for one day, it can make a lot of difference. 

The relief operations is scheduled on December 20, 2012. Please help us help the victims of this tragedy.

Old Clothes            Blankets                 Medicine
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