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Email from a satisfied client

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy
I was with the service you provided for me. I am
always concerned when dealing with a company in the
Philippines while I am here in the US, especially
where sending money via Western Union is concerned.
However I found you and your team to be honest,
responsive, and truly dedicated to my cause.

I am also happy to say that you service removed 100%
of my concerns about my situation. You were like my
"man on the scene" while I was 7000 miles away. You
provided reports and photographs, in a situation where
surveillance while remaining undetected was a real

I would recommend you to anyone who requires your type
of service, and assure them that their concerns about
your integrity or quality of service would be

Thank you again.



Their contact person speaks like an American. No miscommunications with these guys! Fast and reliable too - Bob Williams, California USA
They did a superb jon on getting evidence of my husband cheating on me while in the Philippines.  The divorce decision went in my favor.  Thanks Scanner! - Leona Mantanara, Canada
They've been doing process service for me for three years.  Credible and never fails to meet the deadline.  Good job! -
I will defnitely use them again (international claims verification)- Ms. Boucher
They were the third group of investigators that I hired to track my fiancee's activities.  They were the only one who caught her cheating and showed evidence of it.  I'm thankful I contacted them before investing the rest of my life on a cheater, that would have been the worst mistake of my life. - Andrew, Texas USA
I was so  happy that Scanner made sure my wife-to-be was not cheater or scammer.  Very good work. - Charlie Loh, Singapore

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