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Philippine Private Eye

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Our Services
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Private Investigator / Detective locator


Background Check

Know everything on anything. PPE erases your doubts and fears by furnishing you with factual information gathered with our systematic approach. All work of course is done discretely so that your search for the truth remains a secret.

nationwide coverage/package rate
Surveillance/Undercover work

Catch an infidel spouse or an employee who's moonlighting or cheating the company. Our private detectives are extensively trained and are noted for their expertise, integrity and truthful reporting. Our detectives are equipped with state of the art equipment. Undercover private detectives can be your eyes and ears to monitor what's going on in your business while you're out. Prevent losses and create solutions to problems through early detection of violations before they get out of hand.

nationwide coverage/package or daily rate

Process Service

We are experienced process servers in the Philippines, we serve papers according to our rigorous standards. We actively provide real-time updates. We complete the proof/affidavit of service, check it for accuracy and compliance, and return it to your office signed and notarised. Competitive rates, fast and reliable.

nationwide coverage

Alive and Well Check

Claims Verification

Marriage Verification

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